Back to the basics

What are our basic needs? Some would say perhaps a roof over their head, others maybe money in the bank. But in black and white, our basics are the minimal requirements for us to survive. But who wants to just live on the bare minimum? Frankly no one in this current society wants to resort to the life of a primal being, but it is what we need now, more than ever before.

Over consumption is one of the biggest threats to our current society. Not only is over consumption destroying our environment, but destroying our happiness too. It is the unnecessary mass production of clothes, technology, toys, and cars that are truly destroying our environment. Clothes are so cheap these days that people buy ¬†things they might not ever wear. We buy new phones the second our current phone is now the ‘old model’. This replacement of the old model with the new model is a classic case that we can see every day of consumers trying to fill a void in their life. We think that this constant consumption of goods will create a happiness, but it just just doesnt. The happiness we seek is one that is blurred out by the ideals of consumerism, and without this blur we may be able to seek what truly creates happiness.

We live in a society of over-consumption, we survive so far away from our basic needs that we actually have no clue what our basic needs are anymore. But we evolved from living on the basics, which were in constant scarcity. We live our lives through the fear of scarcity and not having the basics, that we go beyond the what we know to be the basics, but still keep the notion of scarcity in our everyday lives. If we divided the wealth throughout the world, we would all live in harmony, but mankind cannot, and never will share his/her own wealth because if we give it away, we may never get it back. So then we consume more and more without even thinking.

As human beings we constantly live with other beings, and in turn live our lives through them. Like our friends, family, girlfriends or boyfriends. Everything we do is influenced by the person next to you. So we live in a world where our decisions we make are in not free decisions but ones that are altered by the people we live around. This over consumption is like a sick chain reaction that has been happening on the planet since the firsts industrial revolution.

Our environment is at stake, our happiness has been lost. Both in the constant over consumption. If we don’t realise this now, we might lose our our environment completely and may never find our happiness again. The past is the past, but in the words of Oscar Wilde “No man is rich enough to buy back his past”, so lets not regret our present movements, so the past we look back on is one not in need of changing.


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