Smashing your long-term goals

The long term goal

Why can it be so hard to achieve that long term goal? Whether its losing weight or saving up money. These two tasks can deem to be really hard. The small pleasures of everyday life seem to over ride our want for these long term goals, but why?

The struggle to lose weight and save money is something that I definitely can relate to everyday. The issue with long term goals is that it is close to impossible to see the end result when standing at such a distance from it. Whereas when we see a piece of cake in front of us, our mind goes crazy for it, pushing the long term goal away and satisfying this pleasure that is right in front of us. The same goes for saving up money for the long run. Every day we spend on small ‘necessities’, whether it a new pair of jeans that you ‘need’ or a lunch because you’re not bothered making lunch before you leave the house. It seems that our minds tend to satisfy the immediate pleasure that we see before us. It’s almost like our minds only work for benefit with regards to ‘goals’ when we can see the physical goal in our hands. Seeing is believing is beyond relatable in this case.

So what can you do about it? If our brains tend to satisfy the immediate pleasures in life? Creating immediate goals that are related to the long term can enhance your chances of smashing that long term goal that seems so far away and difficult. Small rewards tend to increase those chances of sticking to a strict regime or process. For instance if attempting to save money, rewarding yourself by allowing a leeway of a certain amount that suits your budget could help you in working towards the end goal. Step by step as they say. To leap over a large river is impossible but by using the stepping stones you can reach the other side dry and unscathed.

This is clearly relatable to losing weight and is a more personal issue with me. If you can find something that is a reward to yourself, relatable to the gym or diet, that you can work towards or that keeps you motivated, you are laughing. You can always see when people buy new gym gear they HAVE to wear it. So what do they do? They go to the gym. Personally I don’t agree with the unnecessary amount of gym gear people buy but each to their own. So if you can find a reward that is your own, may it be buying new gym gear, or a food processor or smoothie maker, you will find yourself using these thing that benefit your long term goal while achieving some sort of immediate satisfaction.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve these long term goals that we actually end up crumbling underneath our own pressure. In this situation we really are our own worst enemy. But if you can find a way to work with yourself, in harmony with your ‘craving’ side and your rational side, you could achieve so much more than you expected.

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