Why is happiness harder to find now than ever before?

Just as there is no concept of ‘bigger’ without ‘smaller’, there is no ‘Happy me’ without the contrast of others who are happy. In recent times I have found it hard to come across people who seem to have their own concept of happiness and are genuinely internally happy. What I do see more and more of is people who are searching for happiness and getting lost in what they believe happiness truly is.

Where do we mostly see the perfect image of happiness? Without a doubt its on social media, instagram to be exact. The models, the fitness inspiration gang, the rich kids, the celebrities.. the list is literally endless. All these people live a lifestyle that is no doubt phenomenal but these images that they give off of everyday ‘high-life’ raises this idea of happiness to an incomprehensible level. All generations are exposed to this and it seems that the happiness that is sought after is no loner an internal concept but purely external and even worse, its almost abstract. All the cars, the holidays, the clothes, the expensive pets. When i see these posts I always think that they have really got it all. But what exactly do they have? A shit ton of money and an unnecessary amount of material objects that will no doubt be replaced in a few months with a new and improved model.

Since we tend to create our concept of happiness based on others, we lose ourselves in this unrealistic quest. Happiness is not found in big houses or fancy cars, it’s found within. Studies have shown that 40% of ones happiness comes from the environment they live in. So if we live in an environment that is sub par to one of an Instagram public figure, we will no doubt be dissatisfied with our environment.

You create your environment you want to live in, not rich people. Figuring out what you want doesn’t start by attempting to live like royalty, it starts within.  We are constantly bombarded with ideals of happiness that are unrealistic and most of all fake. These posts that we see are the ‘highlights’ of someones life. Not the actual life that they live. We are not witnessing their happiness but their idea of happiness that they portray through fabulous imagery.

Control your environment and live the happiness that you have found yourself through your personal experiences.

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