Where I stand

There is no human richer than nature, yet there are men richer than cities.

Here I stand afar from the city of Boston. Climbing the stairs of this small apartment block where John. F. Kennedy’s mother grew up, I reached the roof. Cracking the old door open with a gentle pull, unsure if I would get caught, introduced me to the phenomenal view in the picture above. Within seconds I had this dominant feeling run through my veins and made my heart pump an extra ten beats a minute. I felt in control of the buildings like they were mine, like I was bigger than the view at hand. Bizarre I know but standing on that flat roof gave me that sort of buzz.

Fast forward a couple of months…20170824_142453

Yosemite national park. The mountains at each side of the valley stood proud and humble as I sat there and gazed into the heart of mother nature. Not only did I feel miniature on that rock but i also felt rich. No human is richer than nature, but by god can nature make a man like me rich. The sheer scale of myself in comparison to the grey and green valley grounded me, enriched my sense of place and instilled a slight fear, a good fear.

This fear that makes you realize that you’re not better than anyone or anything, you’re just a blip sitting on a rock.


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