Where the sun glows – A sunset hunt

The sunset is something that has always overwhelmed me. No matter where in the world you are the sunset will always take your breath away to a certain extent. Whether I’m in a city or on the beach, my phone will always try catch a sneaky snap of the Glow.

Boston city, MA, USA


A sunset in a city is always something to behold behind the monstrous buildings. Here, in this instance I had finished up my trip to Boston and making my way to the airport on the water taxi (a must do). Luckily my flight was at night so I had the pleasure of staring at the silhouette of the skyline that the glow of the sun projected, as I rocked and bounced about in the water taxi.

Hải Vân Pass, Vietnam


A lengthy journey on dodgy mopeds and winding roads with a tour-guide who drove his bike with one hand whilst on the phone the entire time, lead way for the most breathtaking views I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. Heading out at the perfect time meant no doubt we would catch a sunset near the peak of our journey and surely we did. The sun set behind us directing our attention to the side of the mountain and the vast ocean. I would give an arm and a leg to be back in this one spot again right now.

Being on the sunset hunt is up there with the most rewarding activities anyone can undertake. Get out there and hunt for the most unique and amazing thing the day gives us.

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