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Tips for Editing the Landscape and Moon in Photoshop


Kyle sees moon

A smooth looking photoshop image can be both easy and impossible. I’m going to do two things here, give you an incredible tip that will save you hours of editing on photoshop and The main tip that I would give to someone looking to create a landscape edited image in photoshop is to try and make sure that all the images that you are using have the same lighting. For instance in the photo above, both the images of the mountains and my friend were taken at the same time of day.

See the images below, same lighting = less (in this case none) light adjustment necessary.





Gathering images online can be a tricky task. Finding the correct image and lighting (can always be manipulated though) may take up your time but using websites such as Shutterstock and Pexel, can speed up your work and allow you to find amazing images royalty free. This is where I grabbed the image for my moon. Cutting out the moon was a simple task but the lighting was a pretty dominant so I just lowered the opacity added some effects and the moon looked like it belonged there.